Good News Bad News (2020) HotShots Originals (2020)

Aman and Sanjana have been married for 2 years now and like any family, both their families too are waiting for the good news specially Aman’s mother who is longing for a grandchild. Aman and Sanjana share a really passionate relationship and their sex life is amazing but not wanting to conceive in the first year as they wanted to enjoy their married life however now since the last year they have been tying They were following all do’s and don’ts to get pregnant but in vain. It is gradually revealed that Sanjana was on contraceptive pills as she did not want a child now but was only acting to keep Aman happy. Sanjana had plans for her future and did not want a child to be a hindrance in her career. Aman gets to know of this and asks Sanjana for a divorce. Watch the film to find out what happens next when Sanjana faces Aman.

Duration: 22 minutes